Amitai Abouzaglo

Born to a Costa Rican mother and Moroccan-Israeli father, Amitai grew up acutely aware of life beyond his childhood residence in Dallas, Texas. Hebrew was the lingua franca of his family’s Shabbat table. Fresh-from-military-service Israelis walked into their house every Friday night: “The conflict abroad walked through my door as if it was a regular Shabbat guest,” he said, adding, “‘Arabs’ and ‘Palestinians’ were dropped in conversation, often times as pejoratives, throughout our extended mealtime chats.” During his senior year of high school, Amitai began researching the social and political currents of the conflict, and in 2016 connected to Rav Hanan and Ali. Currently an undergraduate student at Harvard College, Amitai is spending his summer on the ground helping out with Roots and plans to stay involved through the coming semesters. He is also passionate about interfaith work and community building, specifically with regard to interfaith between Muslims and Jews.