Donate to Friends of Roots

Your generous contribution will:

·         Sponsor one child at Roots Summer Camp for a summer trip to Tel Aviv-Yaffo - $50

·         Sponsor one teen in Roots photography workshop: $100

·         Sponsor one camper in Roots 10 day overnight camp: $500

·         Sponsor a participant in Roots Young Adults project: $715

·         Sponsor Roots afterschool program for 60 children: $1,000

·         Sponsor a joint Iftar (breakfast) during Ramadan or Tisha b'Av for 70 people: $1,200

·         Sponsor a joint trip for Roots women’s group: $2,000

·         Plant a Tree of Peace in Roots Community Garden and sponsor our general activities - $3,600

If you are thinking of donating, please also consider making a recurring monthly contribution. Monthly contributions provide long-term security and stability which allows Roots to continue planning and developing for the future.

Donating in honor of someone?

Let us know in the 'dedication' box when donating online, or put a note in with the check. Send or email the address of the person you are making a donation in honor of to: We will send them a thank you letter indicating that a donation was made in their honor.

Donate Using PayPal:

You can use the button above or contribute through PayPal directly to:

Friends of Roots is a registered US non-profit which explicitly supports the work of Roots/Shorashim/Judur in the Holy Land. Please be assured that your charitable gift is fully tax deductible for which you will receive an end-of-the-year receipt from "Friends of Roots" for your tax filing purposes.  Friends of Roots received IRS recognition as 501c3 non-profit (EIN 47-4308704) in December 2017.


Mail your donation in the US:

If you would prefer to donate using a personal check, please make your check out to "Friends of Roots" and mail to:

Friends of Roots
c/o Dave Paller, Treasurer
4901 Libbit Ave
Encino, CA  91436

Your charitable gift to Friends of Roots is fully tax deductible for which you will receive an end-of-the-year receipt for your tax filing purposes. Please include your mailing address and email when sending a donation by mail.

Donate by Bank Transfer:

If you send a donation by bank transfer, please send an email to Daniel Tuksar <> telling us the day of the transfer and the amount transferred, as well as the email address and the snail mail address that you would like us to keep on file for you.

Account Holder Name:  Friends of Roots

Chase Bank, Table Mesa Branch, 603 S. Broadway, Boulder, CO

Account No. : 500063810     IBAN (routing number): 111000614        Swift Code: CHASUS33XXX


For those in Israel:


תרומה באמצעות העברה בנקאית: אנא בצעו העברה לחשבון על שם: בית התיאוטרון, בנק לאומי, סניף 904 שערי העיר, חשבון 7224468

תרומה באמצעות המחאה: אנא שלחו המחאה לפקודת "בית התיאוטרון" לכתובת: ת.ד. 799 תקוע 90908

 הן אם אתה תורם באמצעות העברה בנקאית והן אם אתה שולח המחאה, לציין שהתרומה היא עבור שורשים

תרומות לבית התיאוטרון מוכרות לצורכי מס הכנסה

Please make a tax deductible donation directly to: 

our host nonprofit Bet HaTeotron

Bank transfers within Israel should be made to Beit haTeotron, Bank Leumi, Sha'ar ha'Ir branch number 904, account 7224468

Checks can be sent by mail (made out to Beit haTeotron) to Beit haTeotron, POB 799, Tekoa 90908

Please specify that your donation is meant for Roots/Shorashim/Judur

 :jgive לתרום באמצעות



For those in Canada:

Make your contribution to Roots tax-deductible in Canada by selecting Beit Hateatron from the menu of charities on the donate page of the Ne'eman Foundation website

Please specify that your donation is meant for Roots/Shorashim/Judur

Donate to Roots by International Bank Transfer:

The money should be transferred to the account of Beit haTeotron, at Bank Leumi, whose address is 208 Jaffe Street, Jerusalem.

The IBAN number is IL28-0109-04-000000-722-4468.  The Swift code is LUMIILITJLM

Upon making a donation in this fashion, please send an email to with the following information:
- The name and mailing address of the person making the donation
- The email address of the person making the donation
- The amount of the donation
- The date of the donation

Please note that making a donation in this fashion will not allow the issuance of tax receipt valid in the United States