Grassroots Development

Informal Actions: 

The day-to-day realities of this region demand a constant readiness and preparedness to care for and support families and individuals in need. We coordinate, in response, a variety of activities ranging from engaging the civil and military administrations to home/hospital visits to aiding individuals as they navigate the complex legal systems in the region. 

 Local Leaders Programs:

Roots has engaged 65 local civil and religious leaders from both Palestinian and Israeli communities to implement local joint initiatives. These leaders are already working on tolerance education in local schools, medical coordination, and programs which promote leadership against violence. 

Pre-army Academies: 

Roots hosts pre-army academies, exposing them to both the Palestinian and settlers narratives in order to build up their understanding of the people they were interact with during their service. Over 3,000 students have visited our center.

Responding to Violence

Points of Calm: 

As a way of preventing escalation and lowering tensions, we facilitate communication channels between neighboring Israeli and Palestinian leaders and citizens to be an immediate source of calm and understanding between local communities in times of increased tensions. Through these meets, we work to reduce the chance of volatile escalations and violent outbreaks between neighbors.




Incident Response Team: 

Members of the both communities make visits to the site or family attacked to show solidarity and condemn the violence. We have also organized large-scale rallies against violence to send a loud message of support.

Connecting Communities

Dual Narrative Program:

A five month program for Israelis and Palestinians age 17-21 which explores personal and collective identity, connection to the land and each other’s narratives. This is comprised of monthly trips and activities, bookended by 2 day workshops. This pilot for 50 young people will serve as a model to be expanded upon in coming years. 

Interreligious Exchange: 

We organize and host small learning groups, lectures, and events that provide a setting for dialogue between religious communities. These groups include a Jewish-Christian group, a Jewish-Muslim group, and a women's group for Israelis and Palestinians, all of which meet on a regular basis. Monthly lectures are also held at our center between Fall and and Spring. 

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Summer Camps:

The last two summers Roots has run summer camps for 160 local children. This year we hope to expand our summer camp to a weeklong experience of art, fun and positive interaction with the option of overnight stay. 

After-School Programs: 

Maintaining ongoing contact is critical to keeping our young participants engaged with Roots's message. We host photography workshops which bring Palestinian and Israeli children together in ongoing meetings throughout the year. This is a unique place for young people to connect over things they enjoy and undo the prejudices and fear our children otherwise learn. 

Directly support Roots programming:

In order to run many of our programs we rely on donations from individuals and organizations. Some of the initiatives that we wish to expand upon are listed below:

Merkaz Karama

Operational expenses for our community center where most of our meetings and tours are based. Funds go directly for heat in the winter, electricity, water, coffee/tea, cooking gas, maintenance, cleaning, and support staff. Support a week of programming! $500 USD

Cafe Judur

Our on-going meetings for people interested in the project to come and meet with activists. $150 USD

Joint Iftar (break-fast meal)

A meal held during the month of Ramadan that brings over 60 people from all sides of the conflict together. $650 USD

Salon meetings

One of our main forms of outreach is sending our speakers to visit groups in the home of a host; to engage new communities in the work and message of Roots. $100 USD

Partnership Lectures

Given in Hebrew and Arabic about aspects of each others societies, religions, politics and culture. These events increase awareness of how our two peoples are living and how to form stronger partnerships. $350 USD


Photography Workshop

12 local youth an 8-week photography workshop. $1,200 USD

Day Trips for Young Adults

Roots organizes trips for groups of up to 45 local 16-18 year-olds traveling together to explore each other's heritage and narrative at sites dear to their respective history and identity. $1300 USD

Online Communications 

Roots online presence and mail server keep us in touch with our local and international community. $50 a month, keep us wired for the year! $600 USD