Leadership instead of victimhood; shared futures instead of hostile pasts; understanding instead of suspicion; transformation instead of intransigence; paradigm shift instead of status quo; hope instead of despair; trust instead of fear.

Roots programming is supported through many individual donors, by contributing you are directly supporting the programs on the ground and helping us to carry out or mission.


Why We Do What We Do:

Despite living so close to each other, Israeli’s and Palestinians in the West Bank exist in almost complete separation, and both sides have little knowledge of each other's lives or humanity. Stereotypes are generally just reinforced by exposure to only the aggression of the other; whether through media or personal experience of violence and trauma.

Through our projects and workshops we create trust and partnership - the societal foundations upon which future political agreements can be built.

By encouraging direct contact and deep communication between local communities we have seen transformation: stereotypes are replaced by an understanding of the other’s humanity, suffering, needs and roots. This greatly reduces fear and creates appreciation and support for each other. This groundwork of trust, safety and understanding is the foundation of any political solution.

The transformation undergone by those who have engaged with Roots has led them from apathy and frustration to responsibility and involvement. 


Roots is run by a joint Palestinian Israeli committee. We are a project of Bet HaTeatron, a registered Israeli non-profit (#580547735) founded to further the work of Rabbi Menachem Froman, of blessed memory.

The Friends of Roots is a group established to further the mission of Roots and to help in the areas of outreach, logistics, and fundraising support.