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What happens when a Pakistani American writer goes deep into the West Bank?

"The settlers were friendly, a bit guarded and standoffish at first, but mostly curious why a guy who looked like a Long Island Uber driver had come to Israel to talk with them. I learned quickly that everyone in Israel loves offering solicited—and unsolicited—opinions about politics and religion." -Wajahat Ali

A Muslim Among Israeli Settlers from The Atlantic Magazine June, 2018


"Any of us who pay attention to the politics of the Arab-Israeli conflict know that both sides are stuck in a cycle of intransigence that seems to have no light at the end of its tunnel. These two men, amongst an ever-growing movement of non-violent Israeli settlers and West Bank Palestinian refugees, have decided to stop waiting on their particular political leaders and instead meet themselves, to find a way to peace." Op-ed written by Rabbi Matt Gewirtz of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun in Short Hills, New Jersey. 


The Shared Messages of a Palestinian and a Settler 

"Somewhere on a little piece of farmland in the West Bank, wedged between a cluster of Jewish settlements in the Gush Etzion bloc, there is a small wooden shack where unlikely friendships are blossoming. Here, Palestinians and settlers are defying the expectations and meeting as equals, with hopes for a better future..." Haaretz, written in 2015


Where Palestinians and Settlers Meet as Equals



"My work in Roots looks at what it means to show solidarity. For a political solution one needs to build confidence and trust, and to dispel the feeling that the other side is out to get us. There’s real work to be done and there is huge potential through civil society initiatives. Our politicians are stuck. We need someone to say that there is a partner for peace and we need to go and speak to them." An interview with Shaul Judelmen


We Must Not be Afraid to Talk About the Roots of the Conflict



Ali Abu Awwad featured on France24 News Channel

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