January 22 to February 6, 2019


Last two weeks of June, 2019

For more information or to request a booking please contact Hanan at ravhanan@friendsofroots.net


I was lucky to hear your and your partner’s riveting talks this past Saturday morning.  You both explained the un-explainable—how to make peace in a place that has experienced war and bloodshed for thousands of years: one meeting at a time—a true change of hearts and minds. I am a high school teacher at a public school in RI. I would like to teach your Roots of Peace talk. I think it is a model for reconciliation between any two opposing views.  Your words about “partial-truth masquerading as whole truth” rang true to me.  …please accept my gratitude for your work. It will change the world.

Sandra Laub - Rhode Island (November, 2018)

"I had the honor to see Rav Hanan and Ali yesterday, I was beyond impressed with them and the work they are doing. It is truly one of the more powerful presentations I've heard. Both are eloquent, passionate, and honest. They really must be heard and must be supported both by hosting them in our communities and providing financial support, so they can continue the most important aspect of their work at home."

-Rabbi Ben Berger 


"Visiting with ROOTS is a transformative moment during our Interfaith Partners for Peace trips to Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  Hanan and Ali's personal stories, and their vision for co-existence and partnership shatter stereotypes and offer hope.  Participants return home eager to bring ROOTS to their communities."  

-Rabbi Leonard Gordon, Co-Director, Interfaith Partners for Peace

"Even as an educator, it is uncommon for my own prejudices and preconceived notions to be challenged so dramatically by new perspectives. And even as a so-called religious leader, it is uncommon for me to see such profound evidence of the hand of God, opening hearts and conquering hatred and fear."

-Rabbi David Wolkenfeld

“Roots offers a real path toward a better, more peaceful, and more humane future for all, in a land known by many names to the many people who love it. It does so by appreciating not only the centrality of person-to-person encounter, but by respecting the grand historical and spiritual narratives which are too often overlooked by so many well-intentioned peace-builders, and without which, the most needed voices in the conversation are left unheard."

-Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, President, CLAL—The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership


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Honorarium/expense-reimbursement checks should be made out to “Friends of Roots” and sent to:

Dave Paller, Treasurer

4901 Libbit Ave.

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Note for Jewish Groups:

The speakers are available for Shabbatot during their stay in the U.S. For a Shabbat program, in addition to the “Painful Hope” presentation, we offer Divrei Torah (sermons) by Rabbi Hanan and/or a full shiur (class) based on traditional Jewish sources on the topics of openness to understanding the Other, existential humility, pluralism, judging favorably, and forgiveness.

For further details and booking, contact Rav Hanan at ravhanan@friendsofroots.net


At Roots we envision a social and political reality founded on dignity, trust, and a mutual recognition and respect for both peoples' historic belonging to the entire land.