If you are thinking of donating please also consider making a recurring monthly contribution. Monthly contributions provide long-term security and stability which allows Roots to continue planning and developing for the future.


Donate using PayPal:

Please be assured that your charitable gift to Friends of Roots is fully tax deductible for which you will receive an end-of-the-year receipt from Oakbrook Church for your tax filing purposes. Donations to Friends of Roots supports Roots/Shorashim/Judur.

Mail your donation:

If you would prefer to donate using a personal check, please make your check out to "Friends of Roots" and mail to:

Friends of Roots
c/o Oakbrook Church
1700 Reston Parkway
Reston, VA  20194

Friends of Roots exists as an officially-designated ministry of Oakbrook Church, Reston, VA, a 501c3 organization under the U.S. Tax Code.  Please be assured that your charitable gift to Friends of Roots is fully tax deductible for which you will receive an end-of-the-year receipt from Oakbrook Church for your tax filing purposes.

Donate to Roots by International Bank Transfer:

The money should be transferred to the account of Beit haTeatron, at Bank Leumi, whose address is 208 Jaffe Street, Jerusalem.

The IBAN number is IL28-0109-04-000000-722-4468.  The Swift code is LUMIILITJLM

Upon making a donation in this fashion, please send an email to info@friendsofroots.net with the following information:
- The name and mailing address of the person making the donation
- The email address of the person making the donation
- The amount of the donation
- The date of the donation

Please note that making a donation in this fashion will not allow the issuance of tax receipt valid in the United States

Special Scholarship Opportunity:

Claremont Lincoln University Scholarship Partnership

Claremont Lincoln University is a new non-profit graduate school in Southern California founded on the conviction that the world's great philosophical, religious and ethical traditions are deep wells of wisdom for bringing people together to address perennial social problems. It utilizes effective online teaching models to reach people all over the world in an era characterized by religious, cultural and economic diversity. It teaches and prepares leaders and interested students to cultivate compassionate change in a diverse, globalized world. 

Roots and Claremont Lincoln are embarking on a promising new partnership. People of all ages who identify with the Roots mission and vision and are presently part of Roots programs, or who would sometime in the future want to become involved in Roots programs, either on the ground in the Holy Land or in the USA as part of the board of Friends of Roots, are invited to submit their candidacy for a full scholarship for one of the three CLU Master’s degree programs listed below. On completion of the program scholarship recipients would be required to either become volunteers activists with Roots, or to intern with roots for at least 4 months, or to serve at least 3 years on the Friends of Roots board or committees.

The three M.A. programs are:

M.A. in Ethical Leadership preparing professionals  to integrate personal awareness and professional proficiencies to be more effective, ethical leaders in a global age. 

M.A. in Interfaith Action. In the face of religious pluralism and ideological polarization, the M.A. in Interfaith Action prepares leaders for effective engagement in religiously diverse contexts for personal transformation, effective organizational leadership and positive social change. 

M.A. in Social Impact teaches the capacities needed for mindful leaders-particularly in the social and civic sectors- to envision, implement, and evaluate efforts that generate positive and  sustainable impact within and beyond their own organizations.

For more information please visit www.claremontlincoln.org. If you decide that you would like to apply for these scholarships, please mention Roots in your initial correspondence with Claremont Lincoln.