These are some of the values upon which Roots is founded and the principles of our work.

 We firmly believe in and are obligated to:


The recognition and the support of each other’s identity on all its levels.

The rootedness of both Palestinians and Jews/Israelis in the land in which we live.

Security and freedom for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Equality of civil, political and national rights for Palestinians and Israelis.

Joint, agreed upon, and equitable management and utilization of all resources, including but not limited to: air, water, and land, and infrastructure.



Working within a broken reality without accepting it.

Taking responsibility to improve the situation.

Working on a local level to address systemic problems; community engagements.

Individual and collective/national self-criticism.

Inclusivity and engaging of different opinions and approaches.

Deeply engaging religion and religious leaders – Judaism, Islam and Christianity- in our search for commonality, understanding and the path to a solution to our conflict.

Reducing hatred and healing trauma.


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