Noor A'wad 

Noor’s family moved from Amman, Jordan to Beit Sahour following the signing of the Oslo Accords. There, he began thinking about his identity as a Palestinian refugee. While studying to become a tour guide, Noor travelled to Israel and for the first time saw Israelis beyond the frame of “occupying soldiers.” In 2012, Noor was licensed by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism. After meeting Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger and Ali Abu Awwad in 2016, Noor joined Roots, where he currently organizes joint Palestinian-Israeli activities and speaks to visiting groups about his personal experiences living through the conflict as a Palestinian who has seen much tragedy, and in such conditions is motivated to work toward a political solution. Noor resides in Bethlehem today, where he guides English-speakers on geopolitical tours of the region.